Using Type to Navigate Change

Change Image

Organizations are constantly going through change to become successful, stay on top of the competition or to just merely survive. Fundamentally, change may affect how we work, who we work for, what goals we are trying to achieve, and in what direction we are heading. At the extremes, some employees find change stimulating and exciting and other employees want to stay in the past.

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4 x 4 Presentations

Presentation Image

Reaching all the members of the audience with your presentation and message is always challenging. Start giving yourself a 4×4 edge when preparing content and delivery. The 4×4 edge takes into account the 4 attitudes and 4 functions related to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator typology.

4 Attitudes

The attitudes influence the delivery—how people like to have information presented. Attitudes describe an inner or outer focus of energy (Extraversion—E or Introversion—I) and an orientation to structure (Judging—J or Perceiving—P).

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