Constructive Feedback and TypeTime for Feedback Image

As author, Andrew J. DuBrin, states it – “Feedback is information about past behavior, delivered in the present, which might influence future behavior.”

Providing constructive feedback about job performance is a basic responsibility of every leader. Feedback is necessary to help others develop, grow and correct their mistakes.

The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) can assist in really reaching an understanding and moving people forward in a constructive feedback coaching session.

Use the following suggestions for the type preferences below:


Feedback Suggestion(s)

S – Sensing

  • Describe the actual and specific behavior or unfulfilled responsibilities you have observed.
  • Be concrete. Use factual data.
  • Keep your suggestions practical.

N – Intuition

  • Relate the actual behavior to the big picture (i.e. team productivity, morale, etc.).
  • Give your impressions about how this behavior has affected outcomes.
  • Use a variety of methods-“what if” questions, brainstorming, asking for insights.

T – Thinking

  • Determine and express the logical outcomes of this behavior and its consequences for you, the individual, the others in the work area.
  • Consider the pros and cons of any actions that the person should take.
  • Explain the specific rationale for why change is needed and useful practices.

F – Feeling

  • Disclose your feelings and values. Be supportive.
  • Explain why this behavior is a responsibility and why it matters.
  • Express your belief that the behavior can and will be changed.


Resource: Work it Out – Using Personality Type to Improve Team Performance,
by Sandra Krebs Hirsh & Jane A. G. Kise