Where to Sit in NegotiationsWIN - WIN Key to Success Image

Successful negotiating requires preparation and a well thought out strategy.

Virtually every aspect of the process is important for building strong relationships and positive outcomes for both sides.

Face-to-face dialogue can provide you with necessary components of understanding such as facial expressions and body language. Powerful negotiators know that physical positioning can make a difference in how their message is accepted.

In The Secrets of Power Negotiating, by Roger Dawon, the author suggests the following configurations for effective negotiating:

  • When you’re negotiating with two people – sit where you can observe them both.
  • When you have two people on your team – sit apart so you “speak with different voices”.
  • When you have a large group negotiating with a small group – keep your group together for a more powerful presence.
  • When you have a small group and are negotiating with a large group – intermingle to diffuse the powerful presence of a large group.

Understanding the dynamics of physical presence is important for ensuring that the negotiation is fair and that all parties are heard.

Use your expertise and presence to get your points across for collaborative negotiation.