How to Respond to Constructive CriticismConstructive Criticism Image

No one is perfect.

But, when you are working hard at your job constructive criticism may be hard to take.

Here are some ideas on how to accept the feedback, move forward and improve your performance:

  • Stay calm and hear the person out. Try not to get upset or act defensively upon hearing the feedback.
  • Confirm your understanding of the situation. Get specifics. Listen carefully. Ask for clarification (if needed). Watch your voice tone and body language.
  • Be open to self-improvement. Think about the other person’s view point. Try to be open minded and benefit from the discussion.
  • Agree on how to move forward. Develop a plan to make improvements. Restate the issue in a positive way– “So, I will…”
  • Thank the person for the feedback. “Thank you for talking with me and letting me know.”

Resource: Michael Crom of Dale Carnegie Training, taken from the Seattle Times newspaper, February 14, 2010