Where to Sit in NegotiationsWIN - WIN Key to Success Image

Successful negotiating requires preparation and a well thought out strategy.

Virtually every aspect of the process is important for building strong relationships and positive outcomes for both sides.

Face-to-face dialogue can provide you with necessary components of understanding such as facial expressions and body language. Powerful negotiators know that physical positioning can make a difference in how their message is accepted.

In The Secrets of Power Negotiating, by Roger Dawon, the author suggests the following configurations for effective negotiating:

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Listening – What Does it Buy You?
How Can You Increase Your Skill Level?Are You Listening Image

Listening is a fundamental communication skill, yet most people don’t understand its significance or know how to improve it.

Yes, everyone knows about active listening, not interrupting and selective listening. But, there is much more to be gained from good listening. And, much more to be learned about how to do it well.

Leaders “hear” a huge amount of information every day. In Listening-The Forgotten Skill, by Madelyn Burley-Allen, the author identifies why listening is so significant to leadership.

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Emotional Intelligence and Customer ServiceService Quality Image

Satisfied customers are essential to an organization’s success.

As you know, delivering excellent customer service can set you apart from your competitors. Recent studies show that increasing emotional intelligence within service organizations brings tremendous value.

Connecting with customers on an emotionally intelligent level sets the foundation for lasting relationships, builds customer loyalty and creates profitability.

In a study, completed by Sally Kernback and Nicolar Schutte (Journal of Services Marketing), the authors assessed three levels of emotional intelligence in front line sales associates.

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Leading with IntegrityIntegrity Compass Image

“When you sacrifice your integrity, you erode your most precious leadership possession. People will forget and forgive any judgment error that you make, but integrity mistakes are forever.”

David Cottrell, author of Listen Up Leader – Pay Attention, Improve and Guide

The first question most people ask themselves is: “Do I trust my boss and the other members of management?”

Trust is a by-product of integrity. Leaders are asked to be honest, respectful, responsible and credible. Without integrity, leadership rings hollow.

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