Communicating Deliberately

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Open communication with others fosters trust, enhances information flow, builds relationships and increases respect. Effective leaders know the value of two-way communication.

Our relationships at work can make or break our ability to implement our vision and goals. Changing situations demand increasingly sophisticated interpersonal skills.

Embracing the power of type preferences can have a tremendous impact on how we reach others. Use the following tips to communicate deliberately in your next conversation with someone of the opposite preference.

Communication Tips:

With an Extravert

With an Introvert

Direction of energy outward; receive energy from external events, experiences and interactions

Direction of energy inward; receive energy from their internal thoughts, feelings and reflections

  • Let them talk and think out loud.
  • Ask, then listen carefully.
  • Include a variety of topics.
  • Talk about one thing at a time.
  • Communicate verbally.
  • Communicate first in writing, if possible.
  • Expect immediate action.
  • Give them adequate time to reflect.
  • Keep the conversation moving.
  • Don’t finish their sentences.
  • Provide opportunities for group activities and meetings.
  • Have individual or one-on-one activities.
  • Be aware that some interruptions may be compliments—the listener believes what’s being said is worth adding to now.
  • Be aware that interruptions may not be helpful—let the speaker finish and then add your comments.

Source: Using Type to Improve Team Performance, a CAPT publication

“If you don’t know what an Extravert is thinking, you haven’t been listening.

If you don’t know what an Introvert is thinking, you haven’t asked.”

Isabel Briggs Myers