Type and Team Projects

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On your next team project watch how the various MBTI preferences play out!


How the preferences respond

Getting Started

  • Thinking (T’s) will tend to want to get going with the project.
  • Feeling (F’s) will want to spend more time establishing relationships and group identity.


  • Judgers (J’s) will structure the group around the task.
  • Perceivers (P’s) will structure it around information gathering and the process.


  • Sensing (S’s) will work at an orderly, steady pace.
  • Intuitives (N’s) will work in bursts.


  • Sensing (S’s) will look at past experiences and current realities.
  • Intuitives (N’s) will scan the possibilities with the future in mind.


  • Extraverts (E’s) will spontaneously network with other team members-updating others and asking for other’s progress.
  • Introverts (I’s) will dig deep into the project without informing others.

Note: Update meetings are essential when E’s and I’s work together. Otherwise E’s will complain that they don’t know what the I’s are “up to”.


  • Thinkers (T’s) will be slower to respond to the conflict than Feelers (F’s). However, once recognized the Thinkers (T’s) will respond to the situation in a straightforward problem solving mode-intent on finding the most logical solution.
  • Feelers (F’s) will be aware of the conflict and more affected by it. They will work as peacemakers-seeking a solution with attention to personal and emotional issues.


  • Judgers (J’s) tend to receive much satisfaction from finishing the project.
  • Perceivers (P’s) may be disappointed in the outcome and time needed to adequately complete the project.

Resource: “Trends to Watch for During the Life Cycle of a Team”, by Chip Krantz Clark