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Change Style Indicator™ & Change Navigator™



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Course Description:

Change Style Indicator (CSI)™

Change Style Indicator (CSI)™ is an insightful assessment which measures an individual’s preferred style in approaching and addressing change.  It provides a framework for how those how others might perceive and respond to preferred styles. Three primary styles exist on a continuum: Conserver, Pragmatist and Originator. These styles represent distinct approaches professionals use when responding to change. The CSI™ helps to increase self-awareness, teamwork, collaboration, interpersonal communication, and diversity of thought.

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Change Navigator™

Change Navigator™ is an assessment to focus on stages of change transition. It measures where individuals identify for a specific change event. As individuals move through change they journey through four stages of transition:  Acknowledging, Reacting, Investigating, and Implementing.  The Change Navigator™ is an excellent tool for use when organizations are embarking on a planned change event or are involved in an ongoing change initiative.

Certification Outcomes:

Our certification will provide you with the in-depth knowledge and skills to:

  • Administer the assessment
  • Generate reports
  • Accurately interpret the reports
  • Deliver presentations
  • Facilitate coaching sessions

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Certification Format:

Training Werks uses a blended learning process for the Change Style Indicator (CSI)™ and Change Navigator™ certifications.  Certification candidates complete the online training including a self-assessment for CSI™.  Once completed, Jan Hovrud, Training Werks provides one-on-one telephonic coaching on best ways to use the CSI™ and Change Navigator™ in coaching and classroom situations. In total the certification takes approximately 3.5-4 hours to complete.

What You will Receive:

  • Certification in both the Change Style Indicator (CSI)™ and the Change Navigator™ assessments
  • Downloadable Facilitator Guide
  • Downloadable PowerPoint Presentation Slides
  • Virtual training
  • 1 hour of professional coaching from Training Werks to assist in your ability to immediately use the assessments.
  • Ongoing support

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Highlights of the CSI™ and Change Navigator™

  • Tested validity and reliability.
  • Normative data to demonstrate relationships between age, gender, industry, and nationality.
  • Easy to complete in about 10-15 minutes
  • Readable reports with key learning messages

Application of the Change Style Indicator™ and Change Navigator™

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Conflict Management
  • Change Management
  • Professional Coaching
  • EQ-i2.0™ Instrument
  • MBTI™ and MBTI Step II™

CSI Model

Sample Reports

This is a list of the possible CSI™ reports.  Sample reports are available.  Please contact Jan for your request.

  • CSI™ Individual Sample Report
  • CSI™ Team Sample Report

Request Sample Report

Jan Hovrud is an award winning, Master Practitioner and Coach for the Change Style Indicator™ and Change Navigator™.

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