Five Factors that Contribute to Job Enrichment

Ever wonder how to keep your employees (or yourself) happy on the job? Researchers Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham identified five factors that make a difference in job satisfaction.

  1. Skill Variety – A desired mix of skills and activities is needed to carry out the work.
  2. Task Completion – The job is undertaken as a whole, allowing the employee to complete an identifiable piece of work from beginning to end with a visible outcome.
  3. Task Significance – The job has a recognizable impact on the overall mission or on other people inside or outside the organization.
  4. Autonomy – The job offers substantial freedom, independence, and discretion in scheduling the work and in choosing the procedures to be used in carrying it out.
  5. Feedback – The job provides feedback by observable progress and results of the job itself, or from customers, coworkers and management.

Resource: The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, by Leigh Branham