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“Laughter removes the burden of seriousness from the problem, and oftentimes, it’s that very serious attitude that is the problem itself.”

Bob Basso

Laughter and a sense of humor can be powerful antidotes to stress, pain and conflict in the workplace.

Everyone knows that laughter has physical benefits like boosting immunity, lowering blood pressure, relaxing muscles and decreasing pain. But, laughter and a sense of humor also, help to strengthen relationships, enhance teamwork, diffuse conflict and promote group bonding at work.

They lighten the burdens of difficult tasks, help to inspire hope, connect you with others and keep you grounded, focused and alert. People need laughter to increase the fun associated with work.

A leader with a good sense of humor is approachable and knows how to keep things in perspective.  Using humor and laughter can help people overcome challenges and issues in life. Seeing the lighter side of things enables us to shift perspective, recharge, relax and dissolve distressing emotions.

When you find yourself taken over by a difficulty, ask yourself these questions to lighten up:

  • Is it really worth getting upset over?
  • Is it worth upsetting others?
  • Is it that important?
  • Is it that bad?
  • Is it really your problem?
  • Is the situation irreparable?

Research shows that laughing with others is more powerful than laughing alone.

Shared laughter keeps relationships fresh and builds a bond. It can unite people during difficult times.

Build laughter and humor in your life by:

  • Smiling.
  • When you hear laughter, moving toward it.
  • Laughing at yourself.
  • Attempting to laugh at situations and find humor them rather than bemoaning them.
  • Keeping things in perspective.
  • Spending time with fun, joyful people.

So, remember, nothing works better than the power of laughter and a sense of humor to renew and bring you back to a sense of balance.

Resource: “Laughter is the Best Medicine-The Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter”,
by Melinda Smith, Gina Kemp and Jeanne Segal